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Hankyu Department Store
The finest seaweed Urakaze

The finest seaweed brand from Hankyu Department Store.

The product has a long history, and several sets of gifts are available. It is a package that has been loved for over 20 years.

Design concept

The design of the gift set cannot be changed frequently, so the production point is a universal design that you will never get tired of. The gold gradation is an image of the setting sun of the Ariake Sea, which is the production center of the finest seaweed. Matte ink with no gloss is used for the solid black part. Gold is shiny, and when you pick it up, the contrast is very tasty.

アンカー 1
Keihan Department Store
Heavenly honor

Gift items from Keihan Department Stores.

Another seaweed gift design was well received at Hankyu Department Stores, so we renewed that design and released it as a sister product at Keihan Department Stores. It has become a popular and long-loved standard product.

Design concept

Based on the design of Hankyu Department Store, the naming and design have been slightly changed. I gave an impact to the brush character of the product name.

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