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Hankyu Oasis Nori shop sprinkle

The naming, which seems to be familiar with all of the seaweed, was easy to understand and was quickly accepted by the market. The amount of seaweed was large and it sold well. Initially, it was sold only at supermarkets, but eventually it gained a lot of recognition and was placed in Hankyu Department Store.

Design concept

The product name <Furikake of Nori-ya> has been tailored to a hand-crafted brush character that does not impair the special and luxurious feel of the product.

アンカー 1

Omoriya bamboo shoots and chirimen sansho

Initially developed as a gift item, it didn't sell very well and eventually became the only item.

Design concept

As the name suggests, I created a tasty brush character. There was a sense of variety in the gift set with different colors, but it became a little weaker when it was a single item.

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