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I want a design with an idea
I want to increase the number of product fans
I want to leave it to a reliable designer
I want to make it stand out more in stores
I want to take the plunge and change the design
I want to make a product that sells
I want to increase my brand power

Trouble with various package designs

I will solve everything.

We will respond with design development based on solid marketing.

Since its founding in 1988, Katsube Design Office has stated that "Package design must be a creation that accurately conveys information about the product to consumers, and must also have a solid communication ability in line with the marketing concept. We have made many proposals to our customers based on the principle of ". We will continue to think as a design professional together with our customers and to work together to create high quality designs that match the times.

Approach to package design production

High quality creative work

The most important qualification for a designer is the power of expression, which is necessary for how to embody what you imagine and make it a design that can be transmitted, to create high-quality designs, and to further improve the completeness of designs. That is the creative sense. As the designer proceeds, the designer will work out how to visualize the idea by using colors, shapes, layout, and expression of photographs. Designers regularly visit department stores and supermarkets to see the packaging of various products on the market, improve their sense of design, and enhance their creativity.

We have also conducted trial and error for each individual project, aiming for high quality design. We have dug deep into the product's merchandise and have always been thinking about what we should do to accurately meet the needs of our customers. However, what designers tend to fall into is that they are the people involved in the production, and sometimes they do not have an objective view of the design. It is imperative that we maintain close communication with our customers and always maintain a perspective as a consumer in order to improve the completeness of the design.

High quality
View of the world

Understanding the marketing concept

The reason why designs and ideas are interesting but they do not sell is because they have a weak marketing mindset. The problem is that we are not aware of the design for selling. Considering "design for sale", it is essential to communicate with whom and what kind of communication, and it is necessary to make efforts to enhance both design and marketing mind in a well-balanced manner.

We try to meet our customers directly and listen to their thoughts and requests in detail. After that, we will begin to collect and analyze information such as competitor products. Based on what you have heard, we are always thinking about what kind of "shape" is appropriate for the design that conveys the goodness and characteristics of products as valuable to consumers and leads to purchase. A well-designed design will always sell with a marketing mind.

From the consumer's perspective
Selling design

Focus on communication with customers


Since our founding, we have been dealing directly with many customers and intermediaries. Design requires delicate expression, and it is most important that the designer listens to the explanations and requests directly and reflects them in the design. By interposing an intermediary, it may be difficult to convey accurate information. After all, I think the best way is for the designer, who is the artist, to ask firsthand.

Packages are important media (advertisements) that reach consumers directly. Having customers understand the situation well and being able to talk on the same stage is a great strength in designing, and it also leads to a sense of security for customers. Therefore, we believe that it is very important to build close relationships with our customers, and we will continue to support this style in the future.

A sense of security

Economic considerations

Unlike flat advertising, packaging is very complicated because there are various elements such as materials, specifications, structure and printing method. The cost of packaging changes with one material and one printing method.
Keeping track of expenses in making a package is also an important task for designers. Everyone wants to keep costs as low as possible. When proposing a design, we also propose optimal materials and structures. In addition to the stage of making a package, it extends to the space for storing empty boxes, etc. and the cost of waste disposal (plastic problem etc.) after using the package. We always talk with our customers to find the best way.

Printing costs
Outsourcing expenses

Material and printing knowledge and experience

It is important to decide what to use as the material during the design process. It is an important element to express the world view and atmosphere. Also, the printing method varies depending on the material (paper, plastic, metal, cloth, etc.).
No commercial design requires as many different materials and printing methods as packaging. No meaningful proposal can be made without knowledge and experience of materials and printing. We have accumulated knowledge and have experienced many printing sites so far. We will consider the product characteristics and propose the materials and printing that match the design.

Knowledge of new technology
a diversity of
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