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Kanpe Hapio
Graffiti remover cleaner

Doodle cleaner for home use. A product that can be used on various outer walls.

Design concept

It is a water-based type and has a clean design. Since we specialize in graffiti countermeasures, we handle the "graffiti" part extensively.

アンカー 1
Kanpe Hapio
Oil mold remover cleaner

A cleaner for oil and mold that sticks to the walls.

Design concept

In order to clearly see that it can be used for oil and mold, the left and right sides are color-coded with complementary colors to make it easier to distinguish.

アンカー 2
Free color for indoor cover

A convenient wall-only paint that allows you to adjust your favorite color. Only colors with a little tone suppression are sold.

Design concept

The colors that can be adjusted on the label are expressed as a circle design so that you can enjoy various colors. The naming of "free color" is also easy to understand, so I handle it extensively.

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