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Takehara can
Roaster that burns well

It is a new product that can grill delicious fish with peace of mind because the griller is equipped with a temperature catcher that can keep the temperature at an appropriate level. It has become a hot topic in the industry as a fish grill with a temperature sensor.

Design concept

The product name is "Bake firmly", which conveys the convenience of using the product. The copy is also colloquial, saying "this is different", and it is strongly appealed with outline characters. The sensor part, which is a characteristic part, is emphasized as a window, and the central part is further conspicuous by making it curved as a whole.

アンカー 1
Takehara can
Fish roasting machine roasting technique

An ordinary fish grill.

Design concept

We named it "roasting technique" and made it into a fish grill that can be expected to be grilled like a professional. It is easy to understand and appeals only three features.

アンカー 2
Takehara can
Mochi-yaki Ami Kaku / Round

Mochi grill.

Design concept

We proposed round and square letters for the "Kongari" logo, but unexpectedly decided to use round letters. The illustration of mochi is actually roasted mochi. I processed it.

アンカー 3
Takehara can
Yakiniku with Ami Roasted meat stove

A stove mainly for yakiniku. It seems that the image of yakiniku is different between Kanto and Kansai, so I made two types of designs. By the way, the black package is for Kanto.

Design concept

The impact effect at the store was in the package using red and yellow in Kansai.

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