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Tanabe Pharmaceutical Reduced Fertilizer Tea Ningzhou

It was released as the same product concept as "Nenecha". It is a diet tea, and it is easy to drink by blending black tea with reduced fertilizer tea.

Design concept

Using bright Chinese colors, it has a strong presence in the sales floor. Gold is used for the back of the product name, and gold hot stamps on both sides create a sense of luxury.

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Tanabe Pharmaceutical Healthy Food Maitake Mushroom


Health food using domestic Maitake mushroom extract. Two types, granular and liquid, were released at the same time.

Design concept

In the case of health foods, the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law does not clearly state the effects, so it is inevitably an image of raw materials. This product had an impact on the photo of Maitake mushrooms and was conspicuous in stores.

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Tanabe Pharmaceutical

Yunnan Health Tea, Panax Notoginseng Tea

A healthy tea with a tea bag that is fragrant and easy to drink by blending natural herbs with Panax notoginseng, which has been around since ancient times in China.

Design concept

There are three types of products in the same series, which are differentiated by the change in the solid color of the lower belt.

アンカー 3

Sun food and its leaf tea

Healthy tea using perilla leaf extract.

Design concept

I drew a real illustration of the perilla leaf, but it is difficult to understand by itself, so I changed the product name to "Shiso leaf" and a good readability brush character.

アンカー 4

Japan Pharmaceutical Development Niragin

Stamina supplements behind royal jelly and soft-shelled turtles.

Design concept

I made an emblem that seems to be a proof of the king of stamina food, and finished it with hot stamping on gold foil paper. Ingredients The product name and emblem are made conspicuous by processing the elements inconspicuously.

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