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Tanabe Pharmaceutical Yunnan Tea Leaves, China

Due to the success of Nenecha, the finest tea leaves <Kamacha> have been released. The granulated tea leaves were easy to drink and well thought out. The high-class package was well received by clients along with its shape.

Design concept

I imagined a high-class chocolate package in the box for the granular tea leaves. The paper used is glossy foil paper, and the product name is hot stamped to enhance the sense of quality. In addition, the same engine color is placed on the entire surface as a luxury item of "Nenecha" that is already on sale.

アンカー 1
Tanabe Pharmaceutical Reduced fertilizer Nene tea

It is a diet tea that has been popular in China for a long time. It is made by blending herbs to make it tea-like and friendly. It was well received and sold well.

Design concept

At the request of the client, the light feeling of diet tea, which is a little different from the product concept, is excluded, and it is expressed with the image of traditional healthy tea. By arranging the gold product name vertically, it stands out even in stores. Also, in order to give a sense of luxury, the color of the box is a matte enji color, and the coffee cup used for shooting is also a cup with the image of high-class China with a dragon on the saucer.

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