New Product

Dole fruit pouch

A standard doll product with canned fruits. For the first time, we have decided to install a transparent window so that the contents can be seen. It sold best in the pouch whether it worked.

Design concept

The Dole logo has a huge impact and I'm always struggling with how to make use of it. The window treatment blurs the surroundings so that it blends naturally with the fruit and bag.

Doll dried fruit bite

A new sense of dried fruit. A carefully finished product in individual packaging. A window is provided at the bottom left of the exterior package so that the contents can be seen.

Doll caramel popcorn

A rare product that is rarely seen in Japan. It was a very delicious product, but it was discontinued in a short period of time.

Doll Fruity Rich

A rare doll fruit chocolate.

Dole fruit pouch

All pouches use only translucent ingredients. The design part has been cut as much as possible to give a sense of transparency, and the transparent part of the package has been increased. The design is also simpler.