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Takehara can
Antibacterial freshness retention bag containing rice bran

A holding bag for storing fresh vegetables. There are three sizes depending on the size of the vegetables. You can see this product in the beige part in the middle with a transparent window. It was sold at many mass retailers, and POP was also produced (the two below).

Design concept

The characteristic "rice bran combination" has a strategy of appealing mainly through POP. In addition to insisting on "rice bran blending" in the package, we decided to convey that it has an antibacterial effect and keeps the freshness for a long time.

アンカー 1
Takehara can
Range de steam bag

A steam bag for microwave ovens that is useful for various dishes.

Design concept

The processing of the logo back has a steamy feel. The dishes are studded with gentle touch illustrations so that you can see at a glance that they can be used for various dishes.

アンカー 2

Welco flow kettle disinfectant

A simple bath kettle disinfectant that can be simply put in the bathtub.

Design concept

Since it is displayed in the space installed in the corner of the supermarket, the design emphasizes characters rather than illustrations so that you can visually check it instantly.

アンカー 3

Nissan soap

Super wash

Dishwasher detergent

Detergent for dishwashers. We finished NB products and PB products at the same time. After all the NB on the left stands out.

Design concept

The pattern that represents the water flow in the back has an impact, and it stands out well in stores.

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