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Doll banana chips

Dole banana chips are a popular item in the world. The design was first made in Japan, but it was well received worldwide and we decided to make an English version as well.

Design concept

The point of this design is the logo. I think that the logo, which is conscious of the shape of the banana with a three-dimensional effect, conveys a sense of fun and deliciousness.

アンカー 1
Doll snicker crunch
Design concept

We have created a unique logotype with the image of a crunch.

Snicker crunch. A product like Japanese Okoshi. A bite-sized sweet made by coating 5 types of ingredients with sugar.

Doll vegetable chips
Dole Vegetable Chips

A product with various doll vegetables seasoned in a potato chip style. The matching of each ingredient and taste is the best.

Original vegetable chips in the United States. The taste is salty only.

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