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Hankyu Department Store Special gifts from the production area

A unique gift set that allows you to collect and freely combine special products (mainly dried foods) from all over the country at Hankyu Department Store. It will be an assortment in a high-class can. There are many variations with other dried foods such as dried bonito, chirimen, and seaweed, and the price range is set in 5 levels.

Design concept

It is a big and eye-catching mark, but there are two types of seafood and mountain food, and three colors. It was well received because of its variety. White pearl ink is used for the color of the can to give it a more luxurious feel. I don't know from a distance, but it is effective for gift items that are actually picked up.

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Isetan Department Store Hot water only Chazuke gift

A collaboration product of Hankyu and Isetan. Initially, it was planned to be sold only at Hankyu Department Store, but Isetan Department Store buyers liked it, and it was released at both department stores in a hurry. It bears the Hankyu <Shiranui> brand.

Design concept

It is double-wrapped and the outer bag is made of thick Japanese paper. Produced a luxurious feeling like a gift.


Hankyu Department Store Kotobuki Gift

Design concept

A gift set containing dried foods used in return for wedding receptions and other ceremonies.

The gorgeous package design, which is a bold arrangement of the design of Noshi, which has been used for celebrations since ancient times, was well received. The design alone is enough to convey the meaning, but in the end I added the word "Shou".

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