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Nestle Purina Pet Care Frisky Indoor Cat

A cat food exclusively for indoor breeding, which was developed ahead of other companies. The name "Indoor Cat" was also new, so it took some time before it was recognized, but after that, it had an outstanding presence in stores and sold well.

Design concept

In the case of Nestlé Purina, it was common for pets to use photographs, but in order to accurately capture the movement and atmosphere of cats in the room, we used real illustrations instead of photographs. As a result, we were able to clearly differentiate ourselves from other companies' products and succeeded. After taking and studying hundreds of photographs of actual cat movements in the room, I created an illustration. The Japanese logo of <Indoor Cat> is also in bold type so that it will not lose in the logo format with Friskies.

Nestle Purina Pet Care
Frisky tuna can

Nestlé Purina Pet Care's top brand Frisky. It is a well-known Frisky brand, and we have developed more than 40 types in the popular tuna series. It attracted attention by creating one big zone at the store.

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