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Dole Sweetio
Premium pineapple juice 100

A limited quantity of 100% pineapple premium juice released in the summer. The design, which combines luxury and freshness, was well received and sold out shortly after its release.

Design concept

The Dole Sweetio brand is Dole's premier brand, which is also used in many other fresh and processed foods. Products bearing that brand are inevitably luxury products. This juice expresses a sense of luxury that combines luxury and freshness. Two sweetio pineapples are placed on the back, put in a fashionable glass with water drops even though it is a PET bottle, and the image of the overflowing juice is used to make movement.

アンカー 1
Lychee & pineapple juice

Authentic tropical juice for adults. A product that combines lychee, which is rare in dolls.

Design concept

A bright lychee color was used throughout to emphasize the lychee feel. The silhouettes of lychee and pine are arranged so that they are not flat. Images are rare in dolls, and illustrations are used. The impact at the store was enormous and the design was successful.

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