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Osaka three-color rice crackers

Souvenirs of Osaka rice crackers. It is mainly sold at large stations. Since the product is in a white box, we are making two types of wrapping paper designs of different sizes. Toyosu is a long-established brand famous for hail and rice crackers that represent Osaka.

Design concept

At first, I used to draw unique Osaka people (Yankee brothers, comic masters, etc.) on the entire surface of the wrapping paper in a funny and funny way, but when I was pointed out that it was too clunky, I settled on this design.

アンカー 1
Senjakuame Honpo
Super mint throat lozenge

Senjakuame Honpo is a company that mainly manufactures and sells candy. I am mainly in charge of candy for men.

Design concept

I expressed the world view of candy for boys.

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