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Nestle Purina Pet Care Mon Petit Gold

Nestlé Purina Pet Care's proud cat food brand, Mont Petit. It is a complete renewal design of the canned wet food, which was the best-selling product among the monpuchi. A drastic design change was needed to rebuild the brand that was sluggish at the time. This redesign was a great success, and the sales share has increased 1.5 times since then. Initially, it was developed in 5 types, but after that, senior items were added and it became 8 types. Currently, there are about 20 types and it is a standard product.

Design concept

At that time, the canned lid was on the top, but I thought about turning it upside down to take a lot of design. This method was shunned because it caused print distortion, but I managed to achieve it. Based on a white background, gold is used to pursue a high-quality feel. The flavor color is slanted from the left and right so that it can be recognized even when stacked.

アンカー 1

Nestle Purina Pet Care Mon Petit Gold Precious

A small cat food made by calculating the amount of one meal for a typical cat. The contents are also made into the finest tuna, and although it was epoch-making and attracted attention when it was first released, it gradually became unsold. On the contrary, a small amount may have been a factor.

Design concept

Speaking of the image of Mont Petit, the image of a French dinner was well established. Therefore, I used a European color scheme for the three points, and used marble photographs for the entire can so that I could imagine the finest dinner. It became like a table setting, and I was able to express the world view of Mon Petit well, and the client was pleased.

アンカー 2
Nestle Purina Pet Care
Mont Petit Gold Box

Eatable size individually packaged Mon Petit brand dry food. I received a structure that can be easily taken out from below.

Design concept

I always confirm that the brand power is what conveys to consumers when expressing the uniqueness of Mon Petit.

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Nestle Purina Pet Care

Mont Petit Gold Petit Pack

A slightly larger petit pack. It is a dry food made from the popular dried bonito flakes, and was later developed into eight types.

Design concept

The packaging material uses a soft aluminum film and is white. It is an elaborate print of 8 colors including gold.

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Nestle Purina Pet Care

Mon Petit Cat Can

Wet food that is relatively inexpensive among the Mon Petit brands. It is a mysterious product that has been selling for 20 years without even knowing what caused it to sell.

Design concept

I think it was easy to understand the simple design expression developed in vivid dark colors.

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