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Dole fruit cup

A fruit cup with 100% juice and plenty of chunks to eat. When there are many, it will be expanded to 5 flavors.

Design concept

Since the fruits are mainly tropical fruits, there are many vivid colors in the design. It's standard to use sizzle photos, but the point is to select colors that give a sense of flavor and put them together as a whole. As shown in the package on the right, there is also a reversal idea design that shows the contents by increasing the transparent part and suppresses the design part.

Pineapple Chunks.jpg
Mango Chunks.jpg
アンカー 1
Doll fruit bottle

A fruit bottle that is even larger than a fruit cup. It contains fruit chunks. It is a popular standard product developed for families.

Design concept

The design concept is almost the same as the fruit cup. It is the point of handling the Dole logo and processing the vivid color.

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