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Doll fruit jelly

A jelly with large fruits like a doll. The taste that is different from ordinary jelly is very sophisticated. In addition, the slim container and the package attached to it go well together, and the conspicuousness at the store is the best. It was well received as it set it apart from other products.

Design concept

In dolls with fruit brand power, the role of packaging is very important in processed foods using the fruits. Although this product competes at convenience stores, we drastically changed the shape of the package to aim for an over-the-counter effect. The cup, which is easy to hold when eating and has an interesting shape, quickly attracted attention.

アンカー 1
Doll fruit jelly

The finest jelly among doll products. The authenticity of the fruit is transmitted, making it a long-lived product.

Design concept

The doll-like design, which fills the top with fresh fruits, conveys a sense of authenticity. We have tried to differentiate ourselves with a design that cannot be achieved by other companies.


Dole fruit bowl yogurt

A large cup of jelly with yogurt. Originally, the fresh fruit of the doll is a product that embodies the desire to eat it with yogurt.


Doll Mandarin Orange


Mandarin oranges, which are by far the most popular fruit in Japan, are made into jelly. It was sold as a domestic product and as a small gift because it is in a box at Costco, a foreign supermarket.


Doll Marunaka Jelly

A product developed as a PB product of Super Marunaka. The design has also been designed with as few elements as possible.

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