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Terms of service

1. Basic idea

All information posted on this site is copyrighted by our company and protected by copyright laws, various treaties and other laws of each country. These contents are reprinted, reproduced, adapted, broadcast, published, publicly transmitted, without the consent of the Company and the copyright holder, except for the exceptions permitted by copyright law, such as "private use" or "quotation". It is not possible to send, translate, sell, or lend. This limitation is not limited to private companies, non-profit organizations, or individuals.

2. About private use

Even if it is downloaded by an individual, if it is used by someone other than the person at the company where he / she works, it is not considered to be a private use regardless of whether it is for profit or non-profit. In addition, all or part of the contents of this site cannot be modified without our consent.

3. Use of Google Analytics

This site uses the services provided by Google Analytics to understand the usage status of the site. For this reason, some pages use cookies provided by Google Analytics. If you would like to learn more about the use of cookies and the information they collect, please see the Google Analytics Privacy Policy.

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