Petio Plenty of meat

A bite-type classic jerky. The meat is tender and cut into bite-sized pieces to make it easier to eat.

Design concept

There was a request from the client to "make something like an emblem and give it a luxurious feel", so I decided to put it in the main, and made a large emblem that is comparable to the Petio logo and laid it out. I liked that the letters fit well. By using "Hitokuchi" as a brush character, that part was emphasized, the impact increased, and it sold surprisingly well.

Petio gourmet jerky

Stick type dog jerky. There are two types, one that uses only meat and one that is a mixture of vegetables.

Design concept

We are particular about the logo of the product name to give a gourmet feeling. I wish I could have more gourmet food besides the logo.