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Shimaya Dashi no Moto

Shimaya's signature product. It was designed in the early days of Dashimoto about 25 years ago and was sold for a long time. It was the basis for the subsequent design development of Dashimoto.

Design concept

Sales are mainly at supermarkets, and the point of development is how to attract attention and create a memorable design at complicated stores. In other words, I thought about creating a universal tone that I would never get tired of. To do that, it is necessary to be as straightforward as possible and have strength. The contrast between dark blue and red and white shows that.

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Shimaya restaurant soup stock

"Dashi" is a brand that is said to be Shimaya soup stock. This soup stock is a pioneering product of liquid soup stock.

Design concept

It's a high-class soup stock, but from the perspective of Shimaya's world view, it shouldn't be too high-class, so I designed it with that in mind.

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